Getting Busy In The Kitchen With Baking Equipment

commercial baking equipmentHave you always been interested in becoming a baker? Being able to properly bake all those delicious pastries and cake which you enjoy whenever you visit your favorite restaurant? Perhaps you have always wanted to have your own bakery shop. Well, whichever the case, if you want to become a master baker or better yet, the very best baker that you can become, there are a few things which you need to do.

Below are a few suggestions to help you familiarize yourself best with basics of effective baking. They include:

a) Getting the right attitude; this should come naturally especially if you have the passion to bake. Settle for nothing but the best in everything that you do involving your mastery of the most basic baking skills and education.

b) Focusing on the basics when familiarizing yourself with the foundations of baking. Take time to master the basic facts since it will ease and make simpler complicated baking processes.

c) Getting the most reliable baking education that you can use even at home. Examples of reliable material to use to learn baking include: baking videos, books and online tutorials downloadable from the computer.

It is strongly advised that you focus on one single training material in order to avoid getting confused or feeling overwhelmed when trying to master the basics of baking. In case you cannot afford tutorial programs, DVDs or books then simply turn to cooking shows since they serve as a guarantee for one on one with celebrity chefs who will provide insights on how to improve the craft.

d) Refraining from acting in a hurry. Everything takes time and learning how to bake is not an exception. Learning how to bake can sometimes be very frustrating especially when trying to master certain techniques. This being the case, it is advised that you maintain patience through the learning processes.

As a beginner, you do not require a kitchen that is full of professional baking equipment in order to be able to bake. However, there are a few important requirements which you need in order to make good on the basic baking requirements which you will have mastered or may be in the process of mastering. Just as your love for baking grows, you should equally shop for more baking tools and equipments. To help you make the right purchases, below is a list of the most basic baking equipments which you should buy. They include:

Measuring Cups and Spoons

For better scooping of flour, sugar or even milk it is advised that you shop for the all – purpose metal spoons. Refrain from using the same measuring instrument for liquid and dry ingredients. For dry ingredients, use a nesting cup that has riveted handles as this will allow you to spoon in ingredients and consequently be able to level off using the edge.

For liquid, wet ingredients it is advised that you use clear glass with easy to see gradations by the side. This is very important because it is the only way through which you will be able to ensure that you are hitting the mark. Also refrain from shaking the measuring glass of plastic after spooning flour into it. Doing so is discouraged because it would compress the powder resulting into more than what the recipe requires to bake.


They are very important for mixing as well as combining different ingredients. When out shopping, you can either choose to get the electric stand mixer, a stick blender or better yet a food processor. Take note, better models of stick blenders have variable speeds which come coupled with narrow mixing beaker as well as a whisk.

A whisk serves as the best possible baking equipment for use in fold ingredients together. Spatulas on the other hand are useful for their many uses right from the scraping batters from within mixing bowls down to spreading filings and even folding lighter ingredients into heavy batters. In addition to the above, it is by far the only tool which can easily be use to cut through into the middle of the egg whites right down to the base of the bowl.

Mixing Bowls

In the process of folding beaten egg into a batter, it is advised that you use a mixing bowl that is large and heavy enough to maintain a fixed position while doing the mixing. As far as the best bowls are concerned, batter bowls are highly recommended since they allow for easy use as well as no mess pouring.

Keep in mind, ceramic and stoneware bowls are extremely versatile, as a result of this, they can easily go from the fridge, onto the oven and afterwards into the dishwasher. Simply put, one extra small bowl and a single extra large one is a must have.

Baking Pans

Pans which are made of tinned steel are the most ideal for baking in. when out shopping for a new pan, it is strongly advised that you focus on the type of material since some recipes may require you to the use pans made from certain specified materials.